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9 June 2023

Team take: Apple’s Vision Pro

Following the launch announcement of Apple's latest venture, the Vision Pro, the Brandwidth team share their thoughts on the headset and explore how this new mixed-reality gadget could shape both work and play..

7 October 2021

Simulated Reality with Dimenco

Dimenco kindly let us test drive one of their SR (Simulated Reality) Devkits to see what it’s capable of, spoiler alert - it's impressive!

13 August 2021

Boosting Brandwidth

The Brandwidth employee app is now home to our new fully automated “Boost” peer-to-peer rewards and recognition system.

21 December 2020

How iOS and Android development has evolved over time

Lets take a look back at what has changed for mobile development and what it means for native app development.

20 November 2020

Strategy & marketing post COVID-19

Here's the top take outs from a recent client report conducted by our parent company, Next15, on the effects of COVID-19...

12 October 2020

Filling the void left by cookies

We take a look at how conversion modelling using machine learning algorithms could be used to measure online behaviour.