Because every brand is different, so are we.

No two challenges are the same: we pool our diverse talents to build the right team for each job, to deliver outstanding, tailor-made answers every time. We’re called Brandwidth for a reason.


We help create powerful brands that resonate with all your audiences, stand out, and win.

From brand strategy and positioning, through trademark development, to brand language and visual identity, we’ve got it covered. Whether it’s a product launch, corporate rebrand, merger or other strategic business issue.

Our approach: blending rigorous insight and research with true creative inspiration – for a brand that doesn’t just tick the boxes, but stirs the emotions – and shines.


Delivering content for multiple platforms has never been so relevant.

From email marketing to website development, mobile to wearable, or virtual reality (VR) to augmented reality (AR), we fuse passion and thought leadership with an in-depth understanding of what makes great content, and where it should be placed.

Strategic acumen ensures we stay ahead of the competition, bringing together great, user-centric content in game-changing digital campaigns that are ‘of the moment’.


We bring brands to life through engaging brand experiences.

Giving customers a fun and memorable experience where they can touch, feel, smell, taste and hear the brand creates a closer bond with the consumer.

We also create bespoke events that engage consumers emotionally with brands to generate customer loyalty and influence purchase decisions.


We develop effective shopper marketing strategies that benefit brands, consumers, retailers and shoppers.

Understanding the retail environment is essential. But we never forget the consumer and shopper – who are often two different people, influenced in different ways. So our successful shopper marketing programmes look at how buying decisions are made and how we can influence these decisions.


We help brands to understand, listen and engage via every social channel.

While others focus on the ‘media’, for us it’s all about the ‘social’. Effective content that people want to share, presented in a tone of voice that always reflects what your brand stands for. That’s what makes great social: not media spend.

Our team of great writers, social planners and influencers inspire advocacy, which ensures our social work, really works.