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Discover & Define your digital business transformation

As digital strategy partners, we help your brand create customer experiences that engage, excite & resonate

Brandwidth’s digital transformation projects help businesses stand out and stay ahead of the competition.

Our tried and tested ‘Discover & Define’ methodology identifies the right digital strategy for your business. By understanding you, your systems, and your audience on a deeper level, we create customer experiences that resonate, unlocking value and generating revenue.

If you’re interested in learning more about digital business transformation, please get in touch with us today.

Building the right foundation for digital transformation


You wouldn’t build a house without the right foundations…the same goes for building digital transformation projects.

The Discover & Define phase of our methodology provides the building blocks needed for a successful digital transformation framework.

We uncover your business’ digital strategy needs in three specific areas:




The Discover & Define Digital Transformation Framework

We always create a bespoke digital strategy that’s unique to your business needs. However, these four steps are key to the business transformation process:


Alignment & Immersion

As your digital strategy partner, we need to understand your brand inside and out. We conduct workshops, interviews, and foundational research to understand your needs and transformation opportunities.


Technical Environment Analysis

We use our technical expertise to ‘look under the hood’ of your existing systems, so we can identify any areas for improvement and steer your digital transformation projects in the right direction.


Customer/User Research 

Understanding your customer experience allows us to identify transformation opportunities. We audit your content and UX and deep dive into persona development and journey maps.


Strategic Recommendations 

This is where everything comes together. We combine our expertise and research to create a business transformation process model. It’s a bespoke roadmap to success for your business

These are some key outputs that may come from Discover & Define:

User-centred solutions

Using personas and user journey maps, we put the end user at the centre of the business transformation process.

Too often, design decisions are shaped by internal preferences and the needs and unintentional biases of designers. Creating personas and archetypal users allows us to build a detailed picture of your audience, so you can effectively engage them at every point of the digital journey.

Our understanding of users’ mindsets, motivations, needs, and challenges allows us to successfully address their pain points and identify solutions.

This persona lens aligns team members and enables easy decision-making that’s not influenced by internal preferences or experiences.


A Performance & Measurement Framework For Success

A key part of our digital transformation strategy is defining success. The  Performance and Measurement Framework is a blueprint that defines short-term and long-term goals and perspectives for all audiences.

We undertake a review of available analytics for a snapshot of current performance to benchmark progress.

Technical Environment Improvements

We undertake an audit of your existing technical environment, working to identify all core elements and interactions between systems. We review all integrations and API documentation where it exists.

This allows us to uncover and suggest potential integrations and improvements, so we can build them into the business transformation process model.


Frictionless online journeys

We’re here to find and fix any friction in your users’ online journey.  Our strategists undertake a UX/UI audit and analysis, reviewing your digital strategy, landscape and current user experience. We benchmark these against competitors, design principles, guidelines and best practices.

In parallel with user research and a data review, this analysis is fundamental to providing context and locating where potential difficulties may be occurring in an online journey.

Why choose Brandwidth?

Expertise: Made up of a group of tenacious digital strategists covering content, UX, research, data & analytics, we’ve got all the in-house expertise to support and drive forward digital business transformation.

Custom Solutions: As your digital strategy partner, we tailor our Discover & Define programme exactly to your needs

Track Record: We’re trusted by leading brands across various industries to identify transformation opportunities and deliver exceptional results.

ROI-Driven: Our solutions are designed to deliver measurable returns on investment.

Comprehensive Support: From start to finish, we provide end-to-end support throughout your discovery journey and are always ready to take that next step with you.

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