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The foundation for creating experiences that engage, excite & resonate

Our tried and tested ‘Discover & Define’ methodology means we’re able to understand you, your systems, and your audience on a deeper level, enabling us to identify the right approach you need to create customer experiences that engage, excite and resonate as well as help you to stand out and stay ahead of your competition.

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You wouldn’t build a house without the foundations….

So why take that risk when you’re starting a new project?

Our Discover and Define process provides the building blocks needed to ensure success and allows us to uncover a comprehensive understanding of your challenge from the perspective of three specific areas:




Four small steps for Brandwidth, one giant leap for Brandkind.

What makes up Discover and Define?

We’re very glad you asked… and whilst the answer is different every time as we work on a bespoke case-by-case basis, we usually include the below steps:


Alignment & Immersion

Workshops, Interviews and Foundational Research provide us with that solid foundation for any project.


Technical Environment Analysis

It’s important to take a look ‘under the hood’ to ensure we’re able to steer you in the right direction.


Customer/User Research 

Our opportunity to deep-dive: from content and UX audits to persona development and journey maps.


Strategic Recommendations 

Where everything comes together – we provide you with your bespoke roadmap for success.

Here are just a few examples of some of the methods and outputs employed within our in-depth process:


The creation of archetypal user types based on common mindsets, motivations, needs and challenges.

This comprehensive understanding allows us to build a much more detailed picture and allows us to address specific pain points, causes and routes to engagement.

Perceiving the solution through the lens of a persona creates a very different conversation – it aligns team members and ensures the focus is concentrated on those being designed for, rather than basing decisions primarily on internally facing non-intentional bias, preference or experience. 



A review of available analytics sources provides us with a snapshot of current performance.

This is then taken to help inform the Performance and Measurement Framework, a blueprint of what success looks like from both short-term and long-term goal perspectives as well as for ranging audiences.


We must be able to understand the existing technical environment and so in this stage, we work with you to identify all core technical elements and interactions between systems.

As a part of this step, we’ll also aim to understand any existing integrations, uncover potential new integrations and will review API documentation where it exists.



Our UX strategists review the current user experience of your digital landscape, as well as competitors, measured against design principles, guidelines and best practices.

This analysis is particularly useful in being used in parallel with both user research and data review as it can help provide direct context as to where potential difficulties in an online journey may be occurring. 

Why Brandwidth?

Expertise: Made up of a group of tenacious digital strategists covering content, UX, research, data & analytics – we feel we’re perfectly placed to support and drive forward.

Custom Solutions: We tailor our Discover & Define program exactly to your needs

Track Record: Trusted by leading brands across various industries to deliver exceptional results.

ROI-Driven: Our solutions are designed to deliver measurable returns on investment.

Comprehensive Support: From start to finish, we provide end-to-end support throughout your discovery journey and are always ready to take that next step with you too.

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