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Keeping Toyota in front of the competition

During our 20-year partnership with Toyota we’ve provided strategic consultancy through to execution to help the brand evidence their technical innovation and expertise through all consumer experience, especially digital channels.

We are an extension of Toyota’s team; fully immersed in the brand, committed to the same goals, aligned with the same ambitions and there to ensure they achieve whatever they need. With a core team embedded at their offices and full access to the Next15 network, we’re able to deliver global reach with regional execution for the brand.

The automotive market is a rapidly shifting entity. Understanding Toyota’s ever-changing audience and future behaviours allow us to create content and experiences which drive brand affinity.

Harnessing data and insight to enable constant evolution

Our focus and activities are continually informed by data and business intelligence. Dedicated analysts are responsible for multi-channel insights in addition to working as both data processors and data controllers across a wide range of data tools e.g. GA, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Power BI, Data Studio and Tableau.

As a single point of contact for stakeholder queries, we’ve managed to build trust and credibility across the business as the go-to team for accurate and insightful business intelligence. We’ve created dynamic global and regional custom dashboards, to ensure everyone has the right data at the right time to make informed decisions, qualify success, and optimise for the future.

Helping model and predict future audiences

The automotive market is a rapidly shifting entity. Understanding Toyota’s ever-changing audience and future behaviours allow us to create content and experiences which drive
brand affinity.

Over the years we’ve connected Toyota with their customers in innumerable ways. One example is the development of the ‘My Toyota’ connected car application. This pan-European solution is deployed in over 50 countries, providing regionally nuanced tools, content, and services to owners. Working in harmony with the demands of the always-on customer, features and experience are also concerned with ensuring the app retention rate and usage is maintained.

Enhanced digital performance

Appreciating the critical role of SEO and SEM, we have a long history of supporting Toyota with the strategic, technical, and content-based components of effective search. During our partnership we’ve undertaken four platform migrations comprising complete re-architecture and redesign in addition to content strategy. This included the build and delivery of 250+ centrally managed but locally customizable Toyota Dealership sites.

Specifically, this included the development of a responsive and customizable CMS platform, the population of content, and the delivery of SEO and SEM strategies. Within four months of launch, the platform received 48,000+ additional visitors, organic traffic increase, and uplift of 58% to the daily record of visits.

Beautiful content that brings stories to life

To truly drive audience engagement, storytelling through Digital channels is key. This is especially true for new product launches, and none more so than the launch of the Toyota C-HR. Tasked with nurturing the prospect audience for this strategically critical launch, we created a dynamic suite of highly targeted and personalised communications to address a range of business objectives. Significantly exceeding past performance and industry benchmarks; more than half of users opened emails (100% uplift) while UCR was up by 12%. All testament to the impact of our personalised methodology and insight-led approach to content.

Connecting today's brands to the future through disruptive thinking

We live in a time of unprecedented technological change, so our goal is to help Toyota navigate this ever-evolving landscape and to identify, embrace, and execute future technologies, to ensure their business is future-ready.

For Toyota, the deployment of these technologies is concerned with connecting the brand to customers to deliver world-leading experiences. From creating one of the world’s first concept stores reaching 18 million UK shoppers and delivering 18,000 qualified prospects, to the development of an Augmented Reality app to ‘see through’ a car and explore Hybrid Technology (a world-first application of the technology), our innovative thinking and execution place Toyota at the forefront of Digital execution.

Putting Toyota firmly at the forefront of
the automotive industry through continuous improvement and daily innovation.

Contact us today to see how we can help you get ahead of the competition.

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