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17 June 2020

Supporting the UN Covid-19 response

We’re delighted to share that our creative work, focused on messaging around physical distancing, is now featured in the United Nations Covid-19 Response Creative Content Hub.

14 May 2020

The rise of object detectors

A big reason why so many AI applications are coming to fruition now is because of the exponential increase of the two biggest resources needed to develop to AI applications: Data and Computing Power.

6 May 2020

More connected, more motivated

As naturally social beings, motivated by those around us, when a large part of our social interactions at work have been removed, how do we keep our teams motivated and engaged?

1 May 2020

Creatives on lockdown

We take a look at how the creative industry (and our own creative team) are coping and adapting to make the most out of the situation that we are all living in.

22 April 2020

Rapid response with a purpose

While the norm has disappeared for many brands, their audiences have not. Both are having to undergo substantial reimagining to meet the challenges of today’s reality.

19 March 2020

Physically distant, socially connected

As we find ourselves in a sudden and unpredicted state of physical distancing, technology is undoing its own social damage with positivity and community spirit shining through.