Voice Development

"Hey Google, how can I pay my rent?

By 2020, 200 billion searches per month will be done with voice. Are you ready?

We are in the midst of a massive change in user behaviour and Brandwidth are at the forefront of making sure our clients are adapting for this change.

Whether it’s making sure that your web estate and brand are optimised for voice searches, carrying out competitor and market analysis to assess the voice opportunity or developing a Voice App specifically for your customers, we can help.


We’re already creating Voice Apps

We’re working with leading housing associations, car manufacturers and the hotel industry to create custom Voice Apps that can provide answers to customer queries any time of day; saving time on the questions and services that are most frequently required and diverting internal resources more effectively. We will make sure that there is a clear use case and that business owners as well as end users are consulted so that your Voice App is fit for purpose.

Our solutions are built to work across multiple platforms including Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa Skills and Microsoft Cortana.

What are the benefits of a Voice App?

  • Increase in accessible range of services
  • Integration with existing infrastructure and services such as resource booking
  • An accurate and complete knowledge base can be compiled so consistent information is always supplied
  • Usage can be tracked and reported on to understand trends, gaps and specific issues (high level and user specific)
  • Push out messages to all customers (and see who has received)
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Diversions to other services or data capture for call-back where the voice product cannot help
Voice assistents

Voice Search Optimisation 

Search engines crawl website content and use machine learning to extract speakable answers but is your website a good source of ‘speakable’ content? Does it fit in with Alexa’s “one breath test” which helps to refine how content should be provided back to users? Using structured data and applying our user experience expertise we can help make sure that you are represented accurately via voice and in keyword searches around criteria linked to your brand.


Voice Monitoring and Analytics

Our data and strategy team can help to establish a content plan for voice search and voice app development as well as providing you with a longer term reporting mechanic so that you are continually improving your position.

We are well versed at conducting competitor analysis and can establish whether your brand is understood via voice as well as how it compares for linked voice searches.

It’s also important to be able to react and update your content around what users are searching for via voice as it will be continually changing and evolving. We can help you to understand the most popular search terms; whether it’s within a Voice App or via voice search – that may highlight a gap in your current content or even a complete new service offering. We can create a plan so that you are continually improving and exceeding users expectations in the world of voice search and voice development.


Get in touch

To arrange a voice demo or find out more information please drop us an email at hello@brandwidth.com.