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Redefining the rules for film

Great content – where your brand needs it most. And moving image, insights persistently show, is where people engage most.

Hollywood spent the best part of 60 years defining the ruleset of moviemaking. Today, virtual reality – while established in other fields – is an upstart in film, and with our help, it’s rewriting artistic rules, applied across the board – from the structure of advertisements, the pace and tempo of documentary, and innovative new ways with storytelling. 

Through careful planning, and on the ground experience, we know what works, what doesn’t, and more importantly, we know what your project needs. We create tailored content that works, made to the highest professional standards with end-to-end production services, from conceptual ideas, script writing and storyboards to help visualise ideas and production management right through to on-set, post production & delivery management.

Viewing instructions for our showreel (below): 

IOS phones – You can move your device around to change the view without a headset or if you have a headset, download the latest version of YouTube (11.18), tap on the Youtube icon on the video then the cardboard icon to view.
Android phones – Tap on the Youtube icon on the video then the cardboard icon to view first.
If you’re on desktop (Chrome only) you can click and drag the view with your mouse.

Our approach: virtual reality, squared.

Producing realistic VR content is about much more than the filming process, so here’s how we’re working hard to push the medium to its limits and make the most immersive, memorable and useful content in the world.

VR Experience Design: Most people are new to wearing headsets and still learning when it comes to navigating content – be it interfaces, footage or CGI. We have nearly 20 years of digital and experiential human interaction design history, with dedicated experience design experts that make viewers feel at ease and guide them through their environment, no matter what weird and wonderful places we transport them to. In practice, this means designing user journeys that may start with film scripting and storyboarding but also include 3D headset application interface UX as well as constructing the physical spaces where customers feel most comfortable immersing themselves in brilliant content.


Cognitive & optical realism

Many pass off 360 footage as Virtual Reality, but the production of true Stereoscopic content is far superior in terms of recreating what the human eye sees. This results in a clear presentation of depth, a true 3D effect, which gives perspective to objects and allows us to really feel like we are part of a moment. Our filming methods ensure everything is seen by at least two lenses at the same time to replicate the human viewpoint, which has the cognitive effect of believing that you’re in another place.


Nokia pioneer programme

We’ve partnered with Nokia as one of the first to film using the Ozo VR Camera as part of our production suite of equipment. The camera allows us to produce content more realistically, and faster, with live streaming options for broadcasters and brands. We are at the forefront of developing new rule sets and narrative techniques with film-makers that establish best practice principles for new methods to direct and shoot footage.

Virtual Reality Case Study

VR-commerce & analytics

Return on Investment is just as important when it comes to VR as any other medium, so the diligence we apply mirrors that of other campaign activity. We’ve become experts in distributing VR content via the right channels to ensure maximum reach, whilst also allowing users the freedom to watch on their phones, via app Stores, or in an array of headsets. We run 2 variants of analytics software to pick up the trail where web channels leave off, so we can analyse (in real time if necessary), what customers are looking at via their headsets. We are also pioneering gestural controls and payment mechanisms that allow viewers to easily buy what they see.

VR-commerce & Analytics