Social Media

We're all familiar with what Social Media is, right? It's Facebook and it's Linkedin. It's Twitter, it's Instagram and it's YouTube. It's a way to keep in contact with friends and it's a way for brands to connect with their customers. It's become a big part of our everyday lives.

So naturally there are now digital agencies everywhere who claim that they 'get social' and businesses out there who claim to 'do social' - but here at Brandwidth we really do live and breathe social, in all of its different forms.

There is much more to social than posting a great image on Instagram and sparking a conversation on Twitter. Of course, content creation and channel management are important, but so is social media reporting, strategy creation, social listening, paid advertising and community management. Here at Brandwidth, we work with you to identify which of these elements are exactly right to help take your social to the next level.

Whether you’re after a B2B LinkedIn strategy to boost new businesses wins or you want to raise brand awareness by growing your Instagram following, we’ll help you with every aspect of your social marketing; from strategy development and execution to channel management and analytics reporting.

Our social team are always up for a coffee, chocolate flapjack and a conversation, so fire across an email or send us a tweet, and find out how we can help you up your social game.

Social Media - There's a bit of an art to it

We like to think we’re part Picasso, part Warhol* when it comes to Social, so rest assured your canvas is in good hands.

And because it’s not as simple as just ‘doing social’, with everyone having different needs, here’s some extra detail about the different elements of Social Media we can help with:



Social media has changed the face of marketing over recent years, with platforms such as Instagram and Facebook now acting as integral customer touchpoints. The easy-access and always-on nature of social media makes it the perfect place for spreading brand awareness and gaining consumer loyalty.

But social media users are smart, and their attention spans are short; it isn’t enough to just pump money into advertising or post random content in the hope that it may drive traction. In order to be successful in your social media marketing, you need a well-planned strategy.

And in a very convenient twist, here at Brandwidth we’re brilliant at building full-circle social strategies designed to push our clients forward and stand out from their competitors.

We can create social strategies for those new to social, starting from the ground up, with thorough research into a brand’s footprint, defining USPs and clarifying a vision, or can step in on more specific projects, such as defining and managing multiple audience segments to target with different messaging.

Whatever it is you want to do achieve with social, it’s worth getting in touch and talking to us, we’ll quickly assure you we can help you realise your goals**.

**(Within reason! We don’t buy millions of followers overnight!)



No matter how much insight is gathered, or how great a strategy and content plan have been created, those pesky social networks have been smart in making it extremely hard to reach every single one of your target audience members without putting your hand in your pocket.

But it’s not always as simple as just putting some money behind a social post – as we said, there’s a bit of an art to doing it well, and luckily it’s something we’ve become quite comfortable in mastering.

We’re not going to share all of our secrets on here for obvious reasons, but in a nutshell, it’s all about really defining those multiple target audiences, building different levels of engaged audiences within those groups and then cleverly retargeting individuals with different messaging based on what content they’ve already seen or engaged with around the rest of the web.

Just call us the Andy Warhol’s of social.



We think it’s pretty important to take a step back and understand the wider conversations that are happening around you and your brand, whether it’s benchmarking against competitors or across entire sectors in general.

We’re also keen to understand how your audience actually ‘use’ social platforms and what other topics and interests they have.

Collecting, distilling and digesting all this information allows us to understand how to ensure what we do on social really resonates with your audience, exactly how you want it to.

We use social listening to:

Research – Collecting data on brands, sectors, groups of people and competitors to analyse conversations and identify trends.

Measure Success – Listening to competitor conversation means we can benchmark and compare social market share, allowing us to establish success metrics and KPIs to show what we’re doing really works.

Gain Insight – Segmenting audiences to better understand what they care about means we can produce content that we know will resonate.

Identify Influencers– We can amplify messaging by surfacing and engaging key influencers and micro-influencers across desired audience groups

Shape Content Creation – By identifying industry-related themes and trends, we’re able to come up with cracking content plans, as well as finding great organic content just waiting to be shared.



The always-on nature of social media requires an always-on approach to channel and community management. Once a clear social strategy has been defined, it’s vital that brands remain active on their channels by posting regularly and engaging with their audience; social media moves quickly, and it’s all too easy to get left behind.

While content should be regular and consistent, careful consideration needs to be taken to ensure that all images and copy are in line with the brand’s goals, vision and positioning. To get this right requires a clear understanding of the brand and ongoing support across all channels.

We love community management and being responsible for running social media accounts on behalf of our clients. From eye-catching imagery to carefully crafted copy, we’re able to leverage social platforms by strategically planning, creating and delivering content to take your followers on a journey that’s worth being a part of.



Putting effort into developing and building a presence or strategy on social, without being able to reflect and measure success, is the equivalent of trying to copy all of your music collection onto minidisk.

It’s a complete waste of time.

Understanding what works, with who, when it works best, where it works and why it works means you can repeat, gain traction and grow.

We like to build real-time social reports that go beyond vanity metrics such as ‘likes’ and ‘reach’, but pull in other data sources and delve into understanding things like whether an individual continued their journey to another digital destination and engaged with your brand on a deeper level.

Essentially, we’re pulling everything you need data wise from social into one place, so you can track things that actually matter, of course alongside all those thousands of likes and comments we’re helping to generate!

*We picked Picasso because Cubism is all about breaking the subject up into pieces and re-arranging in a unique way, which when you step back and take a look, reveals an extremely clever and refreshing view.

Conveniently, exactly how we approach social!

Also Warhol, because with his Pop Art silk-screening methods, Warhol used repetition once he got the subject spot on. Again, very conveniently, exactly how we approach social content! 

Simply Superb Social

We’re always working on a huge range of live projects across social – from reporting, to community management, to content creation – so please do fire us a message if you’d like to hear more about a certain service.

But in the meantime, here’s two handily placed case studies you could click onto and read!