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Getting personal with Royal Caribbean customers through data led segmentation

Our 5 year long relationship with Royal Caribbean saw us work across number of initiatives and projects, most of which with the direct department, where our work was focused on the continual development of their ECRM service.


Understanding the need for rich, targeted content to take their email campaigns to the next level, Royal Caribbean tasked us with finding a way to personalise content without reducing their volume of communication. 

Working with our insight partners, Mavens, we analysed over 152 CRM data points to create 8 meaningful segments. 

The end product was a detailed picture of the different types of Royal Caribbean customer as well as the tools to create engaging, personalised content and activities for each segment. 

eCRM Campaigns

Working with the direct team, we addressed these key segments through a suite of strategically designed emails. 

With data at the heart of our approach, we continually adapted each facet of our work within the channel to drive the best possible results. 

Frequency was carefully monitored to maximise return while also protecting the database and managing unsubscribes. Design was overhauled to align with new brand positioning that was deployed around the same time. Simultaneously, we carefully monitored all analytics and ran 100’s of AB tests, building a bank of knowledge on what worked well for customer comms, including everything from countdown timers and emojis, to personalisation and CTA colours. 

This, combined with our new audience segmentation, drove statistically significant improvements in bookings per campaign. 

Driving Efficiency

Our knowledge and experience in email design, delivery and content creation was paramount in speeding up the email production process, allowing us to achieve more each quarter from our commercial arrangement. During this time we also built a better understanding of your salesforce instance and the potential opportunities for triggered, personalised campaigns. 

This lead to a large programme of work to deliver a comprehensive remarketing campaign, focusing on pre-cruise up-sell opportunity. This automated campaign used CRM information to drive the presentation of the most compelling up-sell options on a per customer basis directly into their email. Designed to tap into pre-holiday excitement, and gradually build urgency as customers approached their cruise date, the campaign would automatically update the options based on their existing itinerary, dynamically changing as they added up-sells to their order. 

This fully automated programme involved the creation of multiple email templates, with hundreds of text and image variations designed to be dynamically populated into the email. While this was a huge undertaking, this early example of complex marketing automation resulted in the brands capability to serve millions (maybe more – we didn’t count them!) of email variations, in an efficient way. 

The Virtual Ship Experience

One common misconception expressed by customers at the time was surrounding their expectation that the onboard experience would be claustrophobic, with the ship feeling small. While CGI renderings had been explored as a potential option to debunk this myth, some customers has expressed disbelief in this CGI environment. 

Using then market leading 3D stereoscopic video technology, we shot and edited a virtual tour of a ship, bringing to life the spacious interior and breath-taking onboard experiences. 

The result was a virtual experience which brought to life everything the onboard experience had to offer. 

Tesco AR Activation

Leveraging the brand’s relationship with Tesco Clubcard, we worked with the Direct department to build an experience that added dimension and interactivity to an in-store activation.

Through object recognition technology, customers were able to access content via their mobile phones. By simply scanning a custom poster with their phone camera, visitors were presented with several interaction options, allowing them to view a range of content including the brand showreel. 

Since working with Royal Caribbean we have seen a 19% uplift in emails delivered, 23% uplift in campaign bookings and an impressive 28% uplift in campaign revenue.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can boost your eCRM.

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