19 December 2017

Next-Generation Branding

Post-Demographic consumers and Assisted Development

Trend-watchers could be forgiven for thinking we live in a post-everything world: post-modern, post-truth… and now, in terms of consumer trends, post-demographic.

But unlike various flash-in-the-pan theories, of which there are many in the area of consumer mapping, this has all the hallmarks of one to watch.

And, importantly, brands are already listening – and adapting.

Post-demographic consumers no longer have slavish brand loyalty. They mix and match. They are much more values-driven. Social media exposes brands to scrutiny as never before, as traditional hierarchies of information, full stop, increasingly face external scrutiny and challenge.

So what’s a brand to do?

Assisted development [AD] is a big part of the answer, as argued by Kira Steffensen, Strategist on our Brand team, in her article for Medium.

As well as adapting to shifting needs, AD in a post-demographics world essentially means taking customers in hand as guides and supporters on their new and variegated journeys through life, and through the transition to adulthood in particular.

Examples are already multiplying, and there’s clearly an emerging art of how to do it well, one that cut-through brands are scrutinising. Read on for our thoughts.