20 February 2018

Filling The Void

Our Head of Moving Image Matt Littler is uncharacteristically excited. We mean super, extra, uber excited.

The cause?

The words: ‘Incoming rebel transmission’, a full body immersion suit, and a full-on super-duper Virtual and Augmented Reality Star Wars experience…

All in Westfield London!

The Void, he argues in his piece for Medium, is more than just great fun.

For starters, it feels way bigger than the physical space it occupies. It’s professionally done, with coat check, briefing, on-point branding. And most of all, it points the way to the future of experiential theme parks.

Yes, he reckons it’s that good. Just imagine where this could take education. Marketing launches. As always, such experiences are the sum of many great parts: just-so content filmed just-so (which Matt is responsible on behalf of our clients here at Brandwidth) – as well as top notch kit and marketing nous. We have our eye on the Void, and so should you. Here’s to amazing experiences future.

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