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Elevate your digital experience through data driven insights and optimisations

It’s not enough just to create great experiences. The key to success is to continually optimise your digital channels using data and insights, to ensure you’re always meeting your customers’ evolving needs.

Through our tried and tested data and optimisation framework, we help you maximise the potential of your digital experiences to improve engagement, guarantee customer satisfaction, and increase conversions. We do this through a combination of data analysis, heatmapping, and customer surveys, combining insights to create solid recommendations for improvement.  

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Our approach sees us leverage numerous data sources to provide a holistic view of your digital performance, including:

Traditional Web Metrics 

At the start of each project, we build a ‘Performance and Measurement Framework’ that captures your project goals, clearly outlines KPIs, and determines success metrics. We then build bespoke data visualisations, usually in the form of a marketing dashboard, to allow continual performance monitoring. This is continually reviewed to identify positive spikes or anomalies in user behaviour, and the insights are used to generate monthly optimisation recommendations. 

Digital Platform Data

Depending on the type of project and outlined goals, we also utilise other digital platform data, such as eCRM and social media metrics. Similarly to our approach to web data, we use dashboards to visualise performance data and gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, developing monthly recommendations to maximise success. 

Voice of the Customer Data

We also gain qualitative insights by routinely surveying existing and potential customers to understand their experience with your digital touchpoints, as well as leveraging on-page tools such as Hotjar to provide overlay pop-up questions about specific experiences. This provides an additional layer of insight to the traditional data analysis, allowing us to make informed recommendations to improve your offering.

Customer Experience Sources

Additional tools such as heatmapping and scroll-depth, with third party implementations such as ContentSquare, are used to analyse how users actually interact with a webpage. This type of data helps us uncover pain points, such as where users drop off in planned journeys, as well as uncover alternative routes to conversion

By combining multiple data sources, we gain a detailed view of your users’ behaviour, and how your digital experiences are performing. From this, we’re abe to make informed optimisations to content and UX, reviewing their impact and success through ongoing analysis. In addition, we’ll use the combined data learnings to drive recommendations for A/B testing, providing further insight into your users’ wants and needs.  

Why Brandwidth?

At Brandwidth, we tailor each service based on your business needs and objectives. We take time to truly understand your brand, and work closely with you to ensure our solution is exactly what you require.

  • Expertise: Benefit from our team’s deep experience working with multiple data sources  
  • Custom solutions: We tailor our data approach, building bespoke dashboards aligned to your specific business goals and project KPIs 
  • Track record: Trusted by leading brands across various industries to deliver exceptional results  
  • ROI-Driven: Our solutions are designed to deliver measurable returns on investment  


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