Rapid frontline support for customers

Always a better way

The COVID-19 pandemic brings with it shifts in buying attitudes and the potential for increased anxiety and confusion in consumers. As a leading automotive manufacturer, Toyota’s challenge shifted almost overnight from selling vehicles to reassuring and supporting their customers during times of global uncertainty.

When customers are overloaded with constantly changing information, it’s more important than ever to serve a frictionless user journey, supporting customers in finding the most helpful information.

In partnership with Toyota, Brandwidth rapidly built and deployed an automated chatbot, designed to serve customers with relevant and up to date information based on their specific needs.

Through intelligent data grouping and clear calls to action, every customer can access the most important information they need, through a conversational interface, directly from the homepage. This curated interaction enables messages to be delivered in a personal but direct way, carefully guiding the customer to their optimum destination.

Handling over 4,000 queries a day since launch, how could the bot help your customers? Get in touch to find out.

Toyota chatbot screens
Toyota chatbot screens