Dynamic storytelling

Strategic eCRM

The C-HR is Toyota’s first compact SUV: an aspirational model aiming at newer, younger audiences. To hit ambitious targets, a truly engaging email strategy was needed over a sustained period – and we delivered a campaign that Toyota Europe now hold up as best practice.

Using detailed demographic insights, we positioned the car in a distinct space from its parent – while ultimately generating new brand equity for Toyota overall. Driven by the central theme of ‘flow’, we used rich media to create a dynamic suite of emails that answered core business objectives. They included location-based personalised content, inviting customers to local events; cinemagraphs and GIFs, bringing to life campaign creative, whilst enhancing the messaging; plus targeted broadcast scheduling, and subject lines driven by insight into what resonates best with the target audience.

The results smashed well beyond industry benchmarks. More than half of users opened the emails – over double the norm – while the unique click rate was up by 12%. All testament to the effectiveness of our personalized approach to engagement, plus our brand- and insight-led approach to content delivery.