Mid West Wales Fire & Rescue

Providing X-Ray vision for Fire Command & Control

Mission-critical augmented reality

Brandwidth won a GovTech Catalyst Challenge sponsored by GDS and the Cabinet Office in partnership with Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service to help save the lives of firefighters using the latest innovative design and technology.

The aim of the project is to optimise command and control practices on the ground, the holy grail being the ability to track and trace response teams in order to improve their chances of successful stories into, and extraction from, high-pressure environments.

As an ongoing R&D project we’re on the path to developing a product to improve situational awareness for emergency services globally. Our approach combines a multitude of technologies to mitigate obstacles such as extreme heat, lack of visibility, disorientation due to unknown locations and structural risks in order to provide fire commanders with the ability to react quickly when making life-critical decisions.

The visualiser will  build a real-time building schematic which plots the firefighters’ location and flags abnormal motion information, painting a picture of  the live environment that a firefighter is moving around in – without the need for  access to pre-existing floorplans.