“Alexa, what will my Supra sound like?”

Voice, organic exchange and eCRM

From a starring role in the first ever Fast and Furious film to appearances in the world’s most high profile races, over 50 years of heritage inspired Toyota’s All New GR Supra.

When tasked with launching this iconic model, we faced a unique challenge; to build excitement and anticipation around the launch without product visuals, specs or a release date.

Determined to engage an already invested customer base we set about creating an immersive campaign like no other, in which  ‘Supra skinned’ echo dots were delivered to every customer that had reserved a Supra. Why? So that they could use the interactive Alexa ‘Supra skill’ to ask questions about the unreleased model, receive monthly motorsports podcasts and listen to a full 360º soundscape.

Delivered alongside engaging eCRM communications, the campaign strategically combined innovative technology with carefully crafted content to deliver a captivating customer experience.

The stats: 220 echo dots delivered, 111 skill installations, and 1498 utterances conducted with the Supra skill.

Supra car