Measurable Social Influence

Campaign management that’s made to measure

It’s no secret that Nike’s mission is all about getting their customers to rise to the occasion and ‘Just Do It’. In practice, this is all about freedom of expression when it comes to storytelling on social networks, and nowhere is this more important than Instagram.

Instagram presents boundless opportunities to be inventive and engaging, where Nike entrust their audience with providing authentic representations of their products as they were designed to be used in everyday life.

Whilst the advantages of handing over creative control provides the benefits of realism and exponential reach, it presents a significant challenge to measure the effectiveness of media activity on a global scale. Nike appointed us to help tackle this head-on: how do we forensically measure the success of their influencers and in turn optimise their retail partnerships?

At its core, this is a challenge about data science and rigorous UX. With some technical wizardry involving multiple integration points, we built the logic necessary to not only score and rate always-on media and metadata but plan and build campaigns, saving a huge amount of time and providing certainty around influencer performance.

Nike’s key partnership team now have invaluable, real-time insights at their fingertips to begin attribution modelling for their key retail partnerships in a beautiful, usable and measurable way.

If you have a similar challenge involving campaign evaluation and automation – just drop us a line.