Inspiring dream kitchens with VR and AR

A customer experience with all the right ingredients

Deciding on how your new kitchen would look based on a tiny sample of Corian was a problem for shoppers that DuPont wanted to solve.

To make the leap from physical to digital we deployed the latest techniques from eCommerce, using data to personalise and configure products on the path to purchase that would give the Corian brand a competitive edge. Our approach combined marketing strategy with Virtual Reality to properly bring customers’ homes to life at KBIS in Florida.

Featuring over 20 of DuPont’s Corian and Zodiaq kitchen tops, shoppers were transported to a virtual world via a elegant application where they could walk around and play with colours, textures and layout to design their dream kitchen.

The experience was such a success that DuPont wanted to open it up to the masses. Tasked with finding an innovative way to make the experience accessible to all, we created Spaces by Design from Corian; a market leading iOS app.

Using the latest Augmented Reality technology, the app allows users to seamlessly browse DuPont’s Corian range of kitchen worktop options and visualise how they will look in their own home. Brilliantly easy to use, customers simply choose a flat surface from which to view the products, or upgrade their kitchen by placing a virtual island in the room.

Both the VR experience and AR app gave consumers full control over their shopping experience, strengthening their relationship with the benefits of the brand and increasing the chances of specifying the product.

DuPont AR kitchen app