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Team Take: Apple Vision Pro

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Welcome to the era of spatial computing.

It’s been a full working week since the launch announcement for Apple’s eagerly anticipated Vision Pro, and the public response has been incredibly mixed.

The headset, which comes in at a cool $3,499, is Apple’s first ever 3D camera, and blends digital content into the wearer’s physical space, turning any location into an endless canvas. As well as extending apps to fill the space around them, users have full control over their environment – want to change your bedroom ceiling into a clear blue sky? Done.

In the Brandwidth office, reviews are varied, so we spoke to a handful of the team to get their thoughts on the headset.

Cara Shonhiwa – Account Director

In my opinion, Apple’s Vision Pro represents a ground breaking release, particularly for individuals with physical disabilities. This product empowers users by granting them access to previously inaccessible features with the ability to control these features using their eyes. The integration of eyeglass technology not only allows users to be seen and see others physically, but it also offers advantages to those with limited mobility, minimising inconvenience by eliminating the need to remove eyewear.

As is often the case with new technological advancements immediate adoption is not guaranteed and it may several iterations before it gains significant traction among consumers. Once in consumers’ hands though, the possibilities are vast. In addition to the benefits for those with physical disabilities, industries such as construction or interior design, which rely on physical mock-ups for customer approval, can leverage the capabilities of Apple Vision Pro. By using this technology, customers can provide real-time feedback and make informed decisions. (A similar concept is already being utilised in the BBC show “Your Home Made Perfect,” where a version of virtual reality (VR) is used to give the customer design options for their renovation).

Chris Tite, Management Accountant

The Vision Pro is an extremely cool bit of kit; Apple’s ability to take their time and not get caught in a race with brands such as Meta has paid off once again, and you only need to look at the lack of fanfare surrounding Meta’s Quest 3 VR headset to see that. For those with enough disposable income, the Vision Pro holds exciting opportunity, and I’m intrigued to see how it changes the face of VR gaming. Personally, however, I think the timing of the release is poor. Against the backdrop of a cost-of-living crisis, the Vision Pro feels over-priced and out-of-touch, so I’ll be interested to see how it’s received ene-mass.

Joe Bonney, Head of Strategy

I’m actually quite excited for the Vision Pro – and I really think this launch announcement is just the start.

I was a little disappointed with the tone of the launch video (Dad is working whilst making his son’s breakfast) and there’s been a lot of criticism around the price point, but over the next few weeks and months I believe there will be some unique announcements and partnerships that help to really ramp up excitement.

Apple just do technology well – and after trying multiple clunky headsets and smart glasses over the years, I know this will be comfortable, intuitive and with 24 million pixels across the two panels – pretty spectacular vision wise.

I’m also very happy that they showed a PS5 controller in the launch video as that would be an amazing partnership – PSVR didn’t really land with me personally – and although unlikely, Apple will need access to a significant games library, something Sony definitely do have.

Imogen Kemp-Hunt, Senior Digital Strategist

While there’s no denying that the Vision Pro is a truly epic piece of technology, I can’t help feeling slightly hesitant towards Apple’s latest venture. Call me traditional, but the more we mix media with reality, the more I fear we’ll become disconnected from one another – it’s hard enough to get people’s attention when they’re on their phone! Scepticism aside, however, the possibilities for the Vision Pro are exciting. Gaming is an obvious beneficiary, and who needs a cinema room when you’ve got a room-sized, 23 million pixel screen at your disposal? What I’m really interested to see though, is how the Vision Pro’s ability seamlessly blend digital content with physical spaces will be used to enable progression. For professions such as architecture, construction and engineering, to name just a few, who work to precise guidelines and rely heavily on mock-ups, this infinite canvas could be truly game-changing.

Sam Platt, Account Director

The release of the apple vision pro has me filled with excitement and dread at the same time. The latest AR headset to hit them market has many positive features but also confirms some fears for the future of technology in day-to day life. For professionals, it allows for seamless collaboration and communication, making it easier to work remotely and stay connected with colleagues. Additionally, it has great entertainment features, such as high-quality video and audio capabilities, making it perfect for watching movies or the big match. However, my concern is that people may become so immersed in the virtual world that they lose out on real-life connections and experiences. This could lead to a lack of social skills and a disconnection from the world around them. I believe it will be important to use the Apple Vision Pro in moderation and balance virtual experiences with real-life interactions.


Image credits: Apple

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