Prototyping &
Digital Product

The world moves fast. Every day, new problems need innovative new solutions, and they need them now. In this changing landscape, the ability to respond to issues in real-time is crucial.

Our approach to R&D is based on over 20 years’ experience and learnings. With tried and tested methodology and brilliant technical expertise in-house, we ideate, prototype and build solutions to real-world problems quickly and efficiently, selecting the appropriate technologies to deliver exciting digital product development.

Our knowledge and expertise span the full spectrum of R&D projects; from using augmented reality to create lifesaving technology for firefighters to launching the first ever connected car Apple watch app.

Our work to date has seen us create immersive VR experiences, develop market-leading chatbots and launch world-first voice led product campaigns, and our ongoing research investment means we never stop learning.

Perhaps you’re looking to build an app? Or you're thinking of exploring the world of virtual reality? Or maybe you’re faced with a business problem and you need our help to find an innovative solution?

Whatever your challenge, we’ve got the tools to take it on. Send a message to our R&D team who'll momentarily step out of whatever virtual or augmented reality they're currently exploring and back into our reality, to find out how we can work together.

Our Unique Digital Solutions

We work on any and all types of unique digital and real-world tech projects, but if we had to group those into more specific areas of focus, it would probably look something like this.



Mobile usage has increased dramatically over recent years. In 2019, over 5.1 billion people used a mobile device, and that number continues to rise. The reason so many of us are constantly connected to our handheld devices? Apps.

Both accessible and interactive, apps help us to build customer loyalty by creating a sense of ease for consumers whist also encouraging increased activity and engagement.

The benefits of apps for brands and businesses are undisputed, too. Functioning as a direct point of contact for clients and customers, apps increase the ease with which users can interact with a company, and the trusted environment inspires greater engagement, lead generation and sales.

Apps also provide an opportunity to deliver a level of tailored service unachievable through a regular website. As users personalise their preferences and data is collected over time, AI learning allows apps to become more and more personalised, enhancing the users experience and building brand loyalty.

We’ve built a huge range of different types of app; from connected car apps for smart watches to cross platform HR staff management apps on mobile.



Brandwidth has been at the forefront of immersive content since releasing our first immersive video over a decade ago. Since then we have crafted a wide range of virtual reality, augmented reality and haptic solutions to help push brand messages in more exciting and memorable ways.

We have created virtual navigable 3D worlds to help showcase a brand’s hero products, taken football fans on tour with the UEFA cup through stereoscopic virtual reality, and developed prototypes for the future of immersive shopping experiences. These are just a few of the VR solutions we have made, but our AR solutions have since become even more of a highlight for us as personal gadgets have gained the ability to run progressively more advanced systems.

These have included model detection to explain how cars work in car dealerships, machine learning-based image processing for analysing appliance power consumption, pattern recognition for augmenting print work, and building detection for situational awareness. The former is part of what we have used to build a system to locate fire fighters in burning buildings as a part of our partnership with Mid & West Fire & Rescue Service. Every project is thought out from the ground up to make the best of whatever tech is available and suitable for the specific use case, but that means we are no stranger to researching and capitalising on what new kit can do.

When it comes to hardware, we are always eager to get our hands on the latest and greatest. Our innovation lab houses multiple gadgets designed to improve user interaction, along with all the headsets you can think of; Hololens, Magic Leap, ODG R9, all the way back to the original Oculus and Google Glass dev kits, to name but a few. We also aren’t afraid of creating our own in-house tech should the need arise.

Going forward we are looking to how we can further break down the barriers between the physical and virtual world to give users an experience like no other. Whether this be through enhanced visuals, deeper more natural user interactions, or with entirety new and previously unimaginable technology.



One of the ways technology has changed the face of customer communication over recent years is through the introduction of chatbots. Increasingly, businesses are replacing FAQ sections and customer relationship teams with these AI powered tools, and it’s clear to see why; chatbots provide an opportunity to start a conversation.

Based on AI learning, chatbots are constantly gaining, storing and using customer information to form personalised responses and suggestions. Combined with real-time responses and the ability to use visuals, this adds a human element to the customer journey and encourages user engagement.

Chatbots also provide businesses with a wealth of first party data. Through conversations, purchase history and user journey information, we are able to understand our customers and build clear audience segments which, in turn, inform future strategies and business decisions.

Perhaps the greatest use of chatbots, however, is their ability to guide users through a sales funnel far more quickly and efficiently than a webpage or online form ever could.

Here at Brandwidth, we’ve built quite a few smart conversational interfaces that have increased consumer engagement, alongside delivering a market-leading, personalised experience.



One of the most disruptive technological forces of recent years, voice technology is now part of daily life for many internet users, with voice-led searches becoming consistently more popular.

With the emergence of voice technology comes a new opportunity for marketers to build relationships with consumers through interactive experiences. From voice-activated searches to integrated chatbots, there are numerous ways that brands and businesses can, and should, incorporate voice into their marketing activity.

At Brandwidth, we’ve realised opportunities to take product launches to the next level as well as create captivating customer experiences all using voice technology. Take a look at our voice development in more detail here.

Inspiring Innovation

We’re really proud of our work in this area of digital product development and picking a couple of case studies that showcase our unique and innovative approach has been tough BUT we’ve managed to do so and they’re just below this text you’re reading right now!