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Five quick ways to improve your digital customer experience

Tricia Cleppe, Senior Digital Strategist
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In today’s digital era, providing a customer experience that goes above and beyond has become essential for businesses to thrive. As more of our interactions occur online, organisations must adapt and optimise their digital customer experience to stay ahead of the competition.

Thankfully, enhancing your digital customer experience doesn’t have to be a complex and time-consuming endeavour. Keep reading for five quick and effective strategies to elevate your customers’ online journey in a way that can make a significant impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Let’s dive in and discover how you can transform your online interactions into memorable and delightful moments for your customers and cultivate long-term success for your business.

Collect user feedback  

To help understand how your user feel about your current website experience, you can gather customer feedback in the form of on-site surveys. This can identify areas for growth, build stronger customer relationships, and stay competitive in your market.

Identify and research key user personas 

Different user personas may be interested in or motivated by distinct key messages or types of content. For example, if your website sells software, you may have a “casual users” persona group and an “enterprise user” group. The casual user may be interested in high-level tutorial videos and enterprise users may be interested in setting up private 1:1 training sessions.

Simplify site navigation 

Use a sitemap to visualize the site’s architecture. Ensure the key pages have a clear hierarchy in the site’s architecture and there is a good crosslinking strategy to encourage the user’s journey from page to page. If they can’t easily find what they’re looking for then you risk them leaving the website or visiting your competitor’s website instead.

Identify key calls-to-actions (CTAs) 

Ensure these CTAs are highly visible and easily actionable for every step in the customer journey on key pages. Customers shouldn’t have to search for the next step in their journey. If you want them to complete a sale or fill in a form, it should be obvious how they do this.

Set up measurement and tracking  

You need to make sure you know what changes have worked, which ones have worked best, and if some haven’t gone quite as planned. By measuring and tracking customer behaviour (clicks, email open rate, social engagement to name a few metrics) you can perform an ongoing analysis and track your updates.

And the biggest thing – don’t rush. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need to make all these changes at once; but small, steady improvements yield sustainable results.

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