Aston Villa

Capturing the essence of football in VR

Setting new standards for live sport coverage

Football, like most sports, has the opportunity to expand its audience by providing fans with new ways to get close to the action. This is particularly true of augmented and virtual reality, which enhances interactivity and experience through 1:1 relationships that TV can’t offer.

Covering live sport in VR requires a complete redefinition of film-making on location. When everyone is in shot, traditional camera positions become redundant so our challenge working with Aston Villa Football Club became how to capture match day in full stereoscopic 8K resolution without missing a moment’s action.

Our solution was the first ever use of fly-by-wire Spidercam above the pitch combined with remote robotic touchline cameras to closely follow players and stream footage in real time.

For supporters that couldn’t travel to fixtures we also created the content strategy to distribute highlights in tandem with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of training sessions, player tips and tricks and a guided VIP tour of Villa Park as you’ve never seen it before – overlaid with stats and motion graphics about the rich history of the club.