Toyota UK

Record-breaking results

Seamless technical migration

Millions of visitors interact with Toyota online each year and our task was to carry out a number of heavy-duty back end improvements, while maintaining ‘business as usual’ across their digital presence. No mean feat.*

A decade’s worth of experience working with Toyota helped us conduct the necessary analysis with pinpoint accuracy, then to source the infrastructure, manage the migration, and provide seamless, on-going support. In all, we were responsible for over one million lines of code.

Since migration, record numbers of potential customers now get in touch through the website, which has reached an all-time stability record. It has also seen dramatic increases in both organic traffic and in the all-time daily record of visits by 58%.

* Updated Technical Architecture and CMS with 750 live deploys, 9400+ redirects, 6900 code commits, over 10,000 content revisions, and over 3000 image uploads.

Toyota Migration website
Toyota migration website