The fruits of creative and technical flair

Vision, strategy and execution with style

Since its foundation by André-Gustave Citroën 100 years ago, Citroėn vehicles have been admired for their brave design and technical originality – and for the past 20 years we’ve had the pleasure of sharing the journey.

In that time, the way people buy cars and the platforms they engage with has changed unrecognisably, but the spirit of the brand retains its allure. For the past two decades as Groupe PSA’s digital agency, we’ve started every project with this in mind, aligning our strategic vision to deliver elegant user experiences with transformative results.

It was no different when DS became a stand-alone premium brand in 2015. With its own heritage and fanbase built from the ground-breaking DS 19, our duty of care remained to elevate and transpose the engineering and design principles to a place online where drivers could tailor vehicles to suit their lifestyles.

Under the bonnet of beautiful UX design, we’ve handled several digital transformation projects over the years, each enhancing the features and functions of the brands’ web estates in harmony with today’s demands of always-on customers, bringing a new generation to the marque for the first time.

Always pushing the boundaries, along the way we’ve launched the world’s first crowdsourced designed car; the first ever automotive chatbot car configurator; we’re at the forefront of responsive design, app development and eCommerce – using data science to inform every step.

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