Enterprise scale digital transformation

Unlocking Dow's digital potential

The goal of our ongoing partnership with Dow is simple: to create one unified digital experience across the customer journey.

By embedding our experts into Dow’s teams across the globe, we are helping the business to reimagine digital assets, platforms and processes to shift the culture and implement a new standard for B2B marketing within the market with customer insight at the core.

With the voice of the customer as a central driver, we use qualitative and quantitative data to drive all strategic decisions; from immediate enhancements delivered for live environments, to longterm roadmaps for growth.

Our embedded consultants enhance Dow’s in-house teams , enabling us to respond on all their business needs, from strategic consultancy and digital up-skilling, to tactical production, asset creation and general platform management.

In addition to executing digital leadership across the board, day-to-day deliverables include providing end-to-end CX design and implementation, leading rapid skills training for Dow brand leaders, and fast-tracking BAU tactical production requirements.

Our two-tier approach allows us to deliver a continued programme of rapid enhancement along side more involved programmes to drive more significant channel transformation.

The result of this partnership is sustainable, ongoing digital growth that allows Dow to reach their full digital commerce potential.

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