Driving social activity across Britain

Social Media on tour

Boosting visibility on social media demands inventive, impactful and on-brand clickable content. That’s exactly what we did for Mazda’s photogenic CX-3.

We began by taking the new SUV  crossover on a tour of the British Isles to explore 10 of the best coastal roads. From kayaking on the Isle of Wight to diving in Northern Ireland, at each location we chose activity partners to demonstrate how the car could fit perfectly with an outdoor lifestyle. And we teamed up with top local photographers to get stunning shots in the best spots, promoting this great content by postcode for a highly targeted campaign.

With over 2.4m impressions the campaign was a runaway success. Our proudest achievement was the engagement rate – over 9%, which is double the automotive average across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.*

*Some stats: 2 weeks, 10 locations, 9 activities, 8 photographers, 2000+miles, 1 great looking car.

Mazda CX-3 social
Mazda CX-3