Innovation Consultancy

Economic growth arises from creating new ideas, but ideas are becoming harder to realise in today’s complex, multi-channel world. The wrong approach can waste huge amounts of time and money, so we’ve devoted our energy into de-risking this process.

Our approach to innovation strategy accelerates the creation of new concepts, products and services by optimising and validating the ideation process, guiding people and organisations along a path beyond launch to safeguarding success.

Our teams have over 20 years’ experience working with the biggest brands in the world on grappling with the disruptive forces that have become the norm in order to plot new ways of working and business models that drive revenue opportunities in ahead of customer demand.

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Our Innovation Strategy Services

Innovation is the practical form of invention. The hard part isn’t coming up with an idea, it’s about picking the right ideas to develop combined with lean execution. You can find out more about how we translate ideas into reality here.


Idea Facilitation

A high-impact, immersive and hands-on approach designed to challenge norms and stimulate imaginative thinking. We engage across business units to unlock and extract shared intellectual capital and align internal stakeholders.

Our idea facilitation service is designed to extract key business knowledge, vitally aligning internal stakeholders to a single vision.


Idea Validation

A targeted programme designed to pinpoint customer pain through interview research, then rapidly test and validate product and service desirability through low fidelity prototyping – putting concepts for products or services in front of your customers. The findings are then crafted into a strategic roadmap.


Idea Realisation

Technical consultancy using our advanced digital innovation expertise to confirm project feasibility through applied engineering and research, defining the scope for product and service development.

Our idea realisation service transforms validated ideas into cutting edge product concepts, using applied science to confirm project scope and the appropriate development pathway to launch.

Real-World Innovation and Ideation

We can tell you all about how innovative we really are, and how valuable we can be to our clients – but it’s probably better if we show you some examples. Which is exactly what you’ll get if you click on either of the case studies below!