eCRM is a powerful tool. The ability to reach thousands of customers with just the click of a button is every marketers dream; but not everyone gets it right.

eCRM isn’t as simple as sending out mass communications to your business' database. In a world where we have information at our fingertips, users no longer just want, but expect, targeted content and personalised experiences. Thankfully, we have the tools and expertise to help you deliver just that.

A solid strategy is a crucial basis for any successful eCRM campaign. Our data-led strategies are steeped in research and insight, gathered from rigorous user testing and ongoing continuous improvement and reporting. By understanding behavioural data, we are able to develop clear customer segments that inform carefully created, targeted communications which meet users’ expectation for personalised content.

But a well thought out strategy is just the first step; equally as important is flawless execution. From exceptional design and build capabilities to seamless campaign management , through to endpoint integration and live dashboard creation, we have over 20 years’ eCRM experience, including a team of highly skilled Salesforce developers and data scientists.

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The way that consumers digest information has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. With an array of information, social networks and streaming platforms at our fingertips, it is increasingly difficult for marketers to grab, and indeed keep, a user’s attention. It is no longer enough to send mass communications to our audiences as they now not only want, but expect targeted content and personalised experiences.

A well-executed eCRM strategy is one of the most effective ways of fulfilling this customer desire for personalisation. Thanks to the wealth of data available, we can segment our audiences to deliver targeted communications based on a range of factors such as age, location and purchase history.

Working as Royal Caribbean’s lead eCRM agency, we’ve undertaken an in-depth strategy project involving data segmentation, performance benchmarking and a full creative review. After a detailed analysis of the business’ data, we carried out informed customer segmentation, resulting in the creation of clear audience groups. This allowed us to produce detailed journey mapping, creating bespoke content plans for each segment to provide carefully targeted communications.

With our audience segmented and content strategies created, our user-experience design and technical CRM teams developed ready-to-use templates. The result was a suite of triggered communications within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, representing each crucial stage of the user journey.

Basic emails set up, we went on to work on the ad-hoc development of bespoke communications and took a more granular look at the customer data. Using information such as name, most recent holiday destination and the length of time customers had been with Royal Caribbean, we were able to provide an even more individual experience for each of our consumers.

The result has been a 19% uplift in emails delivered, a 23% uplift in campaign bookings with an impressive 28% uplift in campaign revenue.



As businesses increasingly widen their digital offering to include new products, platforms and services, effective eCRM management becomes more and more important.

Whilst dynamic email campaigns and market-leading websites are both incredibly useful business assets, if content isn’t consistent across the two, neither will reach their maximum potential effectiveness.

In order to build and retain consumer loyalty, you need consistency across your digital platforms; that’s where solid eCRM management is vital.

Working as Toyota UK’s lead retained digital agency, we managed all UK website and email communications. From the design, build and deployment of email campaigns to daily website updates and maintenance, providing always-on support.

Working this way across multiple digital channels allows us to gather valuable data revealing user journeys, website performance and campaign effectiveness.

From these insights, we’re able to continually suggest changes and improvements to Toyota’s various digital channels, providing data led strategies and proposals designed to optimise their digital offering and improve user experience.


Design & Build

Equally as important as a clearly defined eCRM strategy is flawless execution. You can envisage the most innovative, interactive email campaign possible, but if anything less than a perfect email reaches your consumers’ inbox, the campaign will fall flat. The design, build and testing process of successful campaigns takes time patience, incredible attention to detail and relies on the seamless collaboration of multiple teams.

Working with Toyota UK, we’re responsible for intricate nurture campaigns for vehicle launches, including that of the Toyota C-HR, which combined innovative design application with experimental and kinetic technology.

The mobile-first design was created to disrupt consumers’ perceptions of the brand, with a bespoke template that stepped away from anything the business had done before.  Ergonomic design created a seamless flow through the suite of interconnected emails while animation and gifs added dynamism and excitement.

Leading with personalised content, live data was used to show launch countdowns, consumer preferences (such as car colour) and user specific location data. In addition, the incorporation of live twitter information allowed an additional level of interaction, creating experiential activity within the email.

With so many layers of interactive design and technology to consider, the development process was one of continual testing and amends, but the results were worth it.

The finished suite was clean, sharp, dynamic and unlike anything Toyota had done before, creating excitement and exclusivity around the launch which showed itself through market leading open rates and unprecedented engagement.



Putting effort into developing and building really smart and engaging email campaigns, without being able to reflect and measure success, is the equivalent of trying to digitise your entire VHS collection.

It’s a complete waste of time.

Understanding what works, with who, when it works best, where it works and why it works means you can repeat, gain traction and grow.

We like to build real-time reports that go way beyond vanity metrics such as open rates that pull in other data sources to delve into individual journeys across a variety of platforms to build a multi-dimensional view of brand engagement.

Essentially, we’re pulling everything you need data wise from email into one place, so you can track things that actually matter, of course alongside all those thousands of email opens we’re helping to generate!

Our exquisite eCRM work

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands to optimise their eCRM campaigns and tailor communications for both prospects and customers – you’ll see two examples of exactly that just below, so go have a look!