Design & Build

As digital touchpoints in the future become smarter, we’re constantly fine tuning our approach to imagine platforms that perform.

The interplay between various marketing technology services – from cloud-based content and experience management to utilising artificial intelligence – is now central to how brands need to conceive products and services that connect physical and digital experiences.

We invest heavily in research and development to metabolise emerging technology, meaning our clients benefit from insight to de-risk technical approaches that accelerate development and speed to market.

Brands often need to provide the freedom to local markets to tailor their content and communications for regional audience within a global architecture, so we specialise in building and connecting sites, apps and automated marketing services that makes lives easier when it comes to reactivity and commerce.

Experts at every level

Our in-house UX & engineering teams represent the entire martec stack, from solution, network and data architecture, CMS selection and implementation, technical web and application development, systems integration and personalised user experience design.


User Experience Design

We’re brand guardians for some of the biggest organisations in the world. Our design team consist of conceptual artists and UX practitioners that deliver beautiful, functional UI and digital assets that align perfectly with the brand.

The best experiences are personalised, which requires rigorous quantitative and qualitative research to create high-fidelity personas that inform dynamic wireframes for elegantly simple web and application design. This means users are provided with the right visual language and signposting at every step to reduce friction and bounce rates.

Our creative technologists and strategists share a mutual understanding of technical constraints and strategic goals, so our recommendations are always informed by data and in harmony with what is technically possible to deliver, to provide what your visitors need and drive them toward conversion.


Solution Design

We are technical agnostics. Brandwidth design solutions based on customer requirements, not our pre-conceptions or preferences.  We start all projects by immersing ourselves in the challenge to discover needs and identify  the most efficient and effective solution both for our clients and their customers.

We specialise in understanding the technical environment and data pipelines that our work must integrate to and designing solutions that deliver results; by modelling the dataflows and processes to integrate by API or web-service to back-office systems and third-party services to seamlessly and securely deliver the right data to eCommerce, CRM, fulfilment, lead management, email platforms or other internal tools. Our Data Privacy team ensures compliance with all necessary privacy and security requirements throughout the entire data journey.


Content Management

Our subject matter experts, designers, copywriters and content strategists deliver a fully managed service to many of our clients, ranging from social network posts to complex editorial and technical delivery across a wide range of digital channels and subject areas.

We design, build, deploy and maintain enterprise-level content management systems built on a wide range of CMS platforms including Drupal, Tridion, Adobe Experience Manager and EpiServer for global organisations;  but we are equally comfortable using WordPress, Joomla! Or Netify to create smaller-scale solutions for marketing campaigns or start-up clients.

 We appreciate that the CMS is only one part of the much larger digital estate to deliver a truly efficient and optimised on-line presence. Our large deployments often feature specialist appliances to enhance security, stability and performance including Intrusion prevention logging and monitoring, caching, load balancing and content delivery networks.


Web & Application Development

When our clients need something a bit special, our web and mobile development teams can deliver bespoke solutions providing complex  business critical functionality including; integration with supply chain and enterprise resource planning; content streaming, delivery and asset management; eCommerce and auctions; blogs and forums.  We also frequently combine our work with CRM, email delivery, translation services or other services to expand user-features or deliver greater publishing efficiency.

Our DevOps, architecture and support teams ensure that our web and mobile solutions remain stable, reliable and scaled to meet ongoing operational updates and enhancements throughout their entire lifecycle. Many of our clients depend upon our ability to ensure service availability in order to deliver essential and key business functionality.


Data Science

We cannot gauge the success of our work or recommend enhancements without first measuring its performance. We regularly deploy and configure a wide range of advanced analytics tools to measure and assess the operation efficiency of live sites and apps, ranging from the Google Analytics suite including Tag Manager, GA360, Optimize, Microsoft BI and Data Studio to more esoteric behaviour mapping, usability and A/B testing tools such as Optimizely, Clicktale, Crazy Egg or Unbounce to validate changes.

Our Data Science team analyses data from all available sources to define strategic objectives before developing actionable and measurable tactical actions that can trigger a step change in user behaviour.  Scheduled Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports ensure outcomes are monitored and shared with all stakeholders.

Crafted by Engineers and Artists

Embarking on new digital projects requires accomplished practitioners you can trust to translate complex needs into elegant solutions. You’ll see a couple of examples below of how we do it, so take a look below and let us know about your next challenge.