22 March 2017

VR48: Immersion Impossible?

In 2016 Dean Johnson, our Head of Innovation, spent 24 hours in VR and lived to tell the tale.

This year Dean is combining forces with Sarah Jones, co-founder of @VRGirlsUK and Deputy Head of School of Media & Performing Arts at Coventry University to go double the distance – 48 hours!

They will be living for two whole days in a virtual world, testing content, platforms, emotional boundaries and human endurance. From competitive gaming to pain management, training to a real-world off-road course. The sky’s the limit (literally if they complete their VR wing-walk!)

VR48: Coming soon to a virtual and physical world (April 24th – 26th)

VR Innovation and Media enquiries, please contact dean.johnson@brandwidth.com