3 April 2016

Star Wars: Scene Maker hits 1.5m downloads.

Our Star Wars: Scene Maker app broke through the 1.5m downloads barrier this week, still proving as popular as ever with fans of all 7 movies made to date.

The iPad app, built by Brandwidth for Disney & Lucas Film in 2014 has achieved consistently high 4star+ ratings and reviews since launch and features 6 of the most iconic scenes from the franchise such as the Death Star Attack, Endor and Cloud City Duel in full 3D.

The app allows you to direct and shoot your favourite characters in legendary locations with your own dialogue, weapons, music, effects and credits then share 30 second clips of your efforts via YouTube. The end results have kickstarted an incredibly competitive string of mini movies by budding directors, with thousands of scenes being shared online over the past 2 years.

Plans are afoot for more recent scenes to be added from the series reboot: The Force Awakens and Rogue One, due to be released in Christmas 2016 so watch this space as we climb closer to 2 million users.

Star Wars Scene Maker App