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25 May 2017

Brands getting it wrong on social media in a galaxy not so far away…

Are you a cleaning brand compelled to tweet about #StarWarsDay? Occasion hashtagging is tempting – but can alienate audiences faster than a speeding Millennium Falcon.

27 April 2017

‘Alexa, how can I use data to be creative?’

Making data help not hinder – from information overload to creative overdrive.

22 March 2017

VR48: Immersion Impossible?

Would you spend a couple of hours in Virtual Reality? How about a whole day?

15 March 2017

Virtual Reality: What it is and what it isn’t

It's time to set a few things straight about Virtual Reality.

20 December 2016

Why ‘Christmas’ isn’t just for Christmas

The more ‘connected’ we become, the more we seek out real experiences

9 December 2016

Rocking around the (virtual) Christmas tree

Is this the Christmas that Virtual Reality reaches the masses?