20 June 2016

Nokia and Brandwidth form VR partnership

Today marks the start of our official partnership with Nokia Technologies and a week of showcasing Virtual Reality content we filmed using the Nokia OZO at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (18th – 25th June).

Brandwidth were one of the first in Europe to get their hands on the OZO, quickly establishing a new set of rules for high quality VR filming, CGI creation and production, and we have already produced engaging content for a range of brands including Royal Caribbean, European Tour and Unilever. OZO is the only camera available that captures full 3D 360 degree spatial audio and video – two features needed to create a truly immersive VR experience, plus it also enables 360 degree content that can be distributed on social media and experienced with mobile phones, tablets or browsers.

“VR has the potential to revolutionize marketing and advertising, giving customers an opportunity to experience and engage with brands on a level that’s never been possible before,” Paul Melin, VP of Digital Media at Nokia Technologies. “Brandwidth has already proven itself a leader in this space using virtual reality to promote vacations, enhance TV viewer engagement and create immersive sports and music experiences. This new partnership will help us demonstrate the true potential for VR in marketing and advertising.”

“OZO is the only choice for creative professionals to truly capture and share virtual experiences,” Andrew Strange, Group Chairman at Brandwidth. “OZO drastically simplifies the process and delivers output of incredible quality, enabling us to develop highly creative and engaging content quickly. Our clients are constantly looking for new ways to engage their audiences and VR has huge potential for driving a new era of advertising.”

Our Virtual Reality approach