24 November 2016

To emoji or not to emoji

Have you sent an emoji in a message today?…More than once? The world has gone emoji crazy lately and the friendly icons are being labelled as the UK’s fastest growing language. So what does that mean for marketing communications; do users relate to seeing emojis in targeted messaging as its part of their every day conversations?

We recently ran an email subject line test as part of our ongoing eCRM work with Royal Caribbean. The aim was to see if the inclusion of contextually relevant emojis icons in the subject line would lead to increased engagement.

This is just one of over 50 A/B testing campaigns that we have run over the last year with Royal Caribbean and it’s an essential part of the work that our Strategy team undertake to optimise and enhance email communications based on analysis of results.

We have seen how emojis have been used to help raise money for endangered species and how Pizza Hut allow hungry users to place orders for pizza by texting or tweeting an emoji. But are they effective in the context of a brand email communication?

Choose which version of the email you think was the winner and see the results on the Behave.org website.