2 June 2017

The curse afflicting once-loved British brands

A nice cup of tea. Sunday roast beef. Complaining about the weather. Forming an orderly queue. All are seen as typical strands of British DNA. But what about the brands we grow up with? Our Head of Strategy, Robert Pyrah, suggests they too come to define our identity – and that their current slide is a huge missed opportunity. 

Some of us are old enough to remember when British Airways removed the Union Flag from the tailfins of its fleet subsequently causing a national outcry. The CEO of Marks & Spencer doing an interview on Radio 4 Today to justify 6-monthly sales performance is now as much a British institution as reheated TV Christmas Specials. 

But now, it seems, the reputation of certain iconic Great British Brands appears to be being dismantled, piece by piece, chunk by Cadbury chunk… In his article for Medium, Robert suggests reasons why and a possible fix. Read on…